5 Essex Court

Essential Law and Practical Guidance for Police and Crime Commissioners

By Jason Beer QC, Fiona Barton QC, Richard Oulton, Victoria von Wachter, Claire Palmer, Beatrice Collier, Georgina Wolfe, Jonathan Dixey, Robert Cohen, Catriona Hodge, & Aaron Moss.

(2016, 5 Essex Court)

Publication produced by the Police Law team as an aid to prospective candidates as well as Police and Crime Commissioners selected during the 2016 elections.


Path to Pupillage

By Georgina Wolfe

(3rd Edition 2013, Sweet & Maxwell)

A  guide to assist candidates applying for pupillage.

Police Law Update Edition 45

By Charlotte Ventham, Alex Ustych, Alice Meredith, David Messling, Jennifer Wright, John Goss, Molly Joyce, Peter Laverack, & Robert Talalay.

(2020, 5 Essex Court)

Edited by Charlotte Ventham and Alex Ustych (April, 2020)

This special "lockdown" edition of the Police Law Update includes articles from Alan Payne QC, Charlotte Ventham, Robert Talalay, Alice Meredith, John Goss, Peter Laverack, Molly Joyce, David Messling and Jennifer Wright, and covers the following issues:

  • The new police powers to enforce the restrictions imposed on individuals and businesses under the Coronavirus Regulations.
  • The procedural provisions and amendments made in response to the pandemic and the guidance documents produced by a range of courts
  • The Extinction Rebellion judicial review claim and its impact on the policing of public protests. 
  • Forced Marriage Protection Orders, Re K in which judgment was handed down in February this year.  
  • The Police (Conduct) Regulations 2020 and the accompanying Home Office Guidance
  • The current state of the law in relation to malicious prosecution claims against the police.
  • Finally, this “lockdown” edition provides an extended case law update to ensure that readers keep their fingers on the pulse of police law litigation, even whilst working from home.

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