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The Employment Tribunals Handbook: Practice, Procedure and Strategies for Success

By John-Paul Waite, Alan Payne QC, Alice Meredith, Aaron Moss, & John Goss.

(2017, BloomsburyProfessional)

The Employment Tribunals Handbook 5th edition provides a clear and comprehensive guide to bringing and defending a claim in the Tribunal, covering every stage of the process from pre-action communications through to conducting a hearing.

Public Inquiries

By Jason Beer QC

(2018, Oxford University Press)

This second edition is due to be published later in 2020.

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Public Inquiries

By Jason Beer QC

(2011, Oxford University Press)

The only book concerning the law and practice of public inquiries in the UK. 

The book examines and explains both statutory (in particular the Inquiries Act 2005 and the Inquiry Rules 2006) and non-statutory inquiries in chapters relating to the need for and purpose of the public inquiry, the mechanisms for establishing a public inquiry, terms of reference, the subject matter of inquiries, the relationship of inquiries with other legal proceedings, the constitution of an inquiry, the administration of an inquiry, evidence and procedure, public access to an inquiry, immunities and defamation, representation and funding, inquiry reports and the duty to be fair, ending the inquiry and challenging an inquiry.

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A new 2nd edition is due to be published at the end of 2018.

Insight Issue 3

By Alison Hewitt, & Jonathan Dixey.

(July 2020, 5 Essex Court )

We are delighted to share with you the third issue of 5 Essex Court’s Inquests and Inquiries newsletter – Insight.

In this issue:

Alison Hewitt assesses the impact that the coronavirus crisis has had on coroners and inquests, and how "recovery" will progress

Jonathan Dixey looks at the legal framework in which a public inquiry into the pandemic and its management may take place.

The latest decisions in the ever-evolving picture of art.2 of the ECHR are considered by Jason Beer QC and Emma Price (Maguire) and Amy Clarke (Lee).

Francesca Whitelaw writes about the knotty issue of causation and the use of statistics in coronial law (Carole Smith and Chidlow).
John Goss brings us up to date on costs and damages (Fullick, Adath Yisroel Burial Society, and Jordan).

Insight: Inquests and Inquiries is edited by Alison Hewitt and Jonathan Dixey.

You can view the third issue of Insight: Inquests and Inquiries here.

Police Law Update Edition 44

(March 2019, 5 Essex Court)

Police Law Update, edited by Charlotte Ventham and Alex Ustych, covers key issues and developments in police law and summaries of recent cases. 
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The current issue 44 covers;

  • Contribution Proceedings by Jeremy Johnson QC
  • POCA – the New Provisions inserted by the Criminal Finances Act 2017 by Claire Palmer
  • “Whistleblowing police officers – No longer a thing of the past” by Dan Hobbs 
  • False imprisonment – liability for the actions of non-arresting officers and staff by Robert Talalay 
  • Case Reports, contributed by Remi Reichhold, David Messling and Tommy Seagull. 

Insight Issue 2

(March 2019, 5 Essex Court)

Issue 2 provides updates on key legal developments and practical insights from leading barristers who regularly appear in the most significant inquests and public inquiries.

Editors: Samantha Leek QC and Jonathan Dixey.

Issue 2 includes articles on the following:

  • What is the Standard of Proof for Suicide…and where does that leave Unlawful Killing? by Francesca Whitelaw and David Messling (pupil)
  • It’s been a privilege, but Worcestershire may be more attractive by Barney Branston 
  • The Perpetrator Issue: the appeal in Hambleton is allowed by Rob Harland
  • Hospital Deaths and Article 2 by Samantha Leek QC
  • Top Tips from our Barristers at 5 Essex Court


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