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15 May 20 Back to Listing

The Sofa Series | ‘Sitting down with… BDB Pitmans’ | Data Protection: from best practice to damage limitation

This week Fiona Barton QCAlex Ustych and Aaron Moss of 5 Essex Court hosted a special episode of The Sofa Series with guests Dennis Lee and Oliver Willis of BDB Pitmans. 

Sitting down with... BDB Pitmans - Data Protection: from best practice to damage limitation is now available to watch online:

Two years after the GDPR came into force in May 2018, Solicitors from BDB Pitmans and Counsel from 5 Essex Court discuss the impact on organisations which control and process data.

The webinar focuses on practical ways in which organisations can ensure compliance and respond to data breaches. 

The 40 minute session, chaired by Fiona Barton QC, was split into four topics:

  • Alex Ustych provides an overview of the legislation within which public authorities, businesses, charities and not-for-profits must operate, as informed by the practical experiences of its application over the last two years. 
  • Dennis Lee considers what the last two years have taught us about the regulator’s approach to enforcement.
  • Aaron Moss discusses how organisations can respond to Data Subject Access Requests, a right which is commonly exercised against data controllers.
  • Oliver Willis explains how organisations should approach breach reporting so as to minimise the reputational and financial damage.