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12 Feb 21 Back to Listing

Police Officer given final warning after tasering mentally ill man 9 times

A Met Police officer has received a final warning after tasering a man with mental health problems nine times whilst he was handcuffed. The Met Police disciplinary panel concluded five of the officers use of the Taser during the arrest were not "necessary, proportionate or reasonable".

The panel concluded that the PC further breached his duty by using the weapon to make the man comply. The use of Tasers is only permitted if an Officer feels at risk of severe violence and not for 'pain compliance' to ensure individuals subit to arrest.

The man who was tasered nine times suffered no long-term injuries and was not charged with any offence, but was later sectioned under the Mental Health Act for his own safety.

Dan Hobbs represented the Met and presented the misconduct case against the Officer for excessive Use of Force.