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Joint inquest relating to deaths of Thomas Kemp and Katherine Kemp - narrative conclusions recorded

On 17 April 2019 the Suffolk Area Coroner returned her conclusions in respect of the deaths of Thomas Kemp and Katherine Kemp in Ipswich on the morning of 6 August 2018, concluding that Mr Kemp died from multiple self-inflicted knife wounds during a likely psychotic episode in which he stabbed his wife, Katherine. Mr and Mrs Kemp had been brought to A&E at Ipswich Hospital by police officers earlier that morning after Mrs Kemp had called 999 to report that her husband wanted to kill himself with a knife. 

The Coroner concluded that the police had acted appropriately in attending the knife incident, recognising that there was a mental health concern and transporting Mr and Mrs Kemp to the hospital where they could get help. She further concluded that there was no need for the police to deliver the couple to the reception desk at A&E as they had seen them walk in the direction of reception and there was no reason for the police officers to believe that Katherine would not be able to explain the situation to the hospital. In her narrative conclusion, the Coroner stated that the deaths of Mr and Mrs Kemp was contributed to by the failure of the crisis response team at Woodlands Mental Health Unit to see and undertake an assessment of Thomas Kemp when he attended the hospital earlier that morning, which resulted in him being sent home unseen by the mental health nurses on duty.

Molly Joyce acted on behalf of Suffolk Constabulary