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8 Jan 21 Back to Listing

High profile misconduct hearing reaches conclusion

A long-running and high-profile misconduct hearing reached its conclusion today. Five officers who were members of Hampshire Police’s Serious Organised Crime Unit (North) were dismissed, and one was given a final written warning, following findings of gross misconduct against each of them.

The proceedings arose from a covert investigation into the conduct of police officers and staff following an anonymous report of inappropriate and offensive behaviour within the Unit.  Recording devices subsequently placed in the offices of the Unit captured certain of the police officers and staff engaging in racist, sexist, homophobic, disablist, and other offensive behaviour.

The hearing lasted 4 weeks and culminated today in findings that: the former Detective Inspector in the Unit would have been dismissed if he had not previously retired (he was therefore placed on the Barred List); two Detective Sergeants in the Unit should be dismissed; a police constable should be dismissed; a former police constable would have been dismissed if he had not previously resigned (he was also therefore placed on the Barred List); and a police constable should receive a final written warning.

The proceedings have been covered extensively in the media, including in: The Guardian,  the BBC, and the Daily Mail.

Jason Beer QC and Dan Hobbs acted as Counsel for the Appropriate Authority and presented the proceedings against the officers