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Amy Clarke represents Humberside Police at cross bow shooting inquest - the inquest into the death of Shane Gilmer

On 16th April 2021, a jury returned an unlawful killing conclusion at the inquest into the death of Shane Gilmer, a man who had been shot by a neighbour with a crossbow. Amy Clarke appeared on behalf of Humberside Police. 

On the 12th January 2018, Mr. Gilmer’s neighbour covertly dismantled an adjoining loft wall between their two properties, climbed into Mr. Gilmer’s property and lay in wait for him with a crossbow. Mr. Gilmer and his partner returned home that evening to find the neighbour hiding in an upstairs bedroom. He shot Mr. Gilmer, causing catastrophic, fatal injuries. He also shot Mr. Gilmer’s partner, who managed to escape and thankfully survived. 

An IOPC investigation examined previous contact between the parties and Humberside Police, including a previous incident when the same neighbour had threatened to kill Mr. Gilmer. The Senior Coroner for Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire determined that Article 2 was engaged, and the inquest was heard with a jury. Previous contact with the police was examined, as well as the response to the incident on the 12th January 2018. This included the deployment of Authorised Firearms Officers and their operational tactics throughout their deployment. The actions of Humberside Police were commended by the Senior Coroner. 

The jury reached a conclusion of unlawful killing, and action is being taken to address the lack of regulation of the possession of crossbows, a lethal and dangerous weapon. 

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