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29 Mar 19 Back to Listing

Aaron Moss obtains high-profile Terrorist Account Freezing Order

Officers of the Metropolitan Police Service’s National Terrorist Financial Investigations Unit - the NTFIU - have obtained an Account Freezing Order in relation to Rizlaine Boular’s bank account. 

Rizlaine Boular was convicted at the Central Criminal Court, alongside her sister and mother, in 2018 for her involvement in a plan to attack Londoners with knives. The media described the group as “the first all-female terror cell”.

The Account Freezing Order application has been reported by The Standard.  

Aaron Moss acted for the MPS.

The Order was made under Schedule 1 of the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001, powers which came into force in early 2018. 5 Essex Court’s barristers have been involved in a number of applications under the Act since the Schedule came into law.