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Public Law Algorithms: A Practical Introduction for Lawyers and Decision-Makers

Date:   Wed 26th February
Time:   Breakfast and registration 8.00am, Presentation 8.30am - 10.30am
Where: 5 Essex Court, Temple, London EC4Y 9AH

Government departments and other agencies in the UK have increasingly been making use of algorithms for various tasks: public benefit attribution, policing and child safety risk assessment to name but a few. 

Although these algorithms can have enormous impact on the lives of individuals and the welfare of communities, the risks associated with many of these algorithms are poorly understood and insufficiently dealt with. This seminar presented by Open Knowledge Foundation and hosted by 5 Essex Court will cover;

  • What is automated decision making? A look at the key definitions and the various concepts behind, and linked to, automated decision making.
  • Under which legal frameworks is automated decision making regulated? Review of the various legal frameworks under which algorithms have been or can be regulated and challenged.
  • How are algorithms and AI implemented within public services? A review of the implementation of an algorithm-driven software from its creation in a research laboratory or within a company to its implementation within a public service.
  • Potential and existing issues with algorithms and AI. A review of the issues that have been raised against the use of algorithms in the public sector.
  • Challenging and defending automated decision making 

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