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Information Law - Select Series Seminar

This seminar will concentrate on two key topics:

Information Law and Inquiries

  • What are the information law considerations when it comes to preparing for and running a public inquiry involving hundreds of people and thousands of documents?
  • What are the legal and practical issues and where does the balance of convenience lie?

This talk will provide insights based upon our experience of a range of high profile public inquiries.

The FOIA and the Security Services

Drawing on the latest case law, this session will explore:

  • When is information “held” by a public authority under s 1 of FOIA? What is the meaning of “held”?
  • Can a public authority be the custodian of information held by another public authority?
  • Is the automatic exemption for Security Services under s 23 FOIA in breach of article 10 of the Human Rights Act?

Breakfast will be served from 8am. The sessions will start at 8.30am and there will be 30 minutes for questions from 10.00am.

This event is by invitation only. If you have received an invitation and would like to attend please complete the form below. If you have not been invited, but would like to find out more about our future Select Series Seminars please email events@5essexcourt.co.uk

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