5 Essex Court

Robert Harland

Call 2006

Data Protection & Information Law

Peter has an interest in Data Protection and Information Law and is available to instruct in the following matters:

  • The Data Protection Acts 1998 and 2018, the Law Enforcement Directive, and the General Data Protection Regulation, including in relation to data breaches;
  • Civil claims concerning misuse of private information, breach of Articles 8 and 10 ECHR, confidentiality, or defamation;
  • The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 and the Investigatory Powers Act 2016, in the Investigatory Powers Tribunal and elsewhere;
  • The Freedom of Information Act 2000 and challenges to decisions by public authorities or the Information Commissioner;
  • Public law challenges to the lawfulness of systems for collection, retention or deletion of information, or individual decisions about the handling of information;
  • Claims of unauthorised access to or use of information relating to employment;
  • Disclosure of information between related sets of proceedings, and issues relating to Closed Material Procedures, Public Interest Immunity and Legal Professional Privilege.