5 Essex Court

Peter Taheri

Call 2007


Peter is regularly instructed to represent the interests of public bodies, including NHS Trusts and many Police forces, as well as other healthcare providers within prisons, in inquests, including high-profile cases with the potential to affect organisational reputations. Peter has extensive experience of multi-week Article 2 inquests including inquests with juries and he is frequently entrusted with front-line briefs from parties whom are the main focus of the inquest.

Cases have involved matters including (among others):

  • unescorted leave, or unauthorised absconding, from psychiatric hospitals;
  • the search for a missing person or ‘concern for welfare’ checks;
  • issues around restraint, including Acute Behavioural Disturbance and / or positional asphyxia and / or restraint of those in mental health crisis;
  • the use of powers under the Mental Health Act, including detention under s.136;
  • unexpected deaths in hospital (e.g., due to surgical complications) or in the course of medical treatment or of professional care;
  • issues around risk management and the analysis and prioritisation of risks;
  • death in prison;
  • high-speed Police vehicle pursuits;
  • death resulting from road traffic collisions in association with Emergency Response driving;
  • the scrutiny of responses to 999 calls and the use of the pre-existing information available to emergency services;
  • a fall off a landmark bridge immediately after escape from detention in an ambulance;
  • a fall off a balcony while handcuffed and about to be taken to hospital by Police;
  • a death a few hours after release from Police custody;
  • death by pneumonia (contributed to by alcohol abuse) metres away from a Police station;
  • a shooting by gang members in the vicinity of a funeral;
  • a suicide in a children’s home, alleged neglect by a hospital;
  • a late-night collision with a car while hitch-hiking home from hospital.