5 Essex Court

Mark Thomas

Call 2006


Mark has extensive and wide-ranging inquest experience. He regularly appears in Article 2 inquests before juries on behalf of Chief Constables, care homes, care agencies, insurers and individual clinicians.

He is sought after by clients for his proactive, hands-on approach and reassuring manner with witnesses. He provides early advices as to the risks of coronial proceedings and how best to manage the inquest process.

Re Ryan Mason (Dec’d) – acting for care provider following the death of a young man suffering from epilepsy. Includes issues of correct deployment of assistive technology within a care environment.

Re Jane Penny (Dec’d) – representing the London Borough of Southwark following a death in a fire in local authority housing.

Re Shola Abiona (Dec’d) (representing a carer) – inquest following the death of a young man suffering severe disabilities who died when his tracheostomy became dislodged and was not reinserted. Included detailed examination of issues surrounding tracheostomy care.

Re Pavlou (Dec’d) (representing South Wales Police) – inquest following the death of a young man in a river following police contact.

Re Mendes (Dec’d) (representing Warwickshire Police) – inquest following a 12-hour delay to dispatch police resources to a vulnerable woman who had alleged she was being assaulted. Led by Anne Studd QC.

Re Harbhajan Kaur (Dec’d) (representing the City of London Police)  – inquest following the collision of a police motorcycle with a member of the public.

Re Chi Van Nguyen (Dec’d) (representing Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis) – inquest following a chase of suspect by police officers.

Re Simon Burgess (Dec’d) (representing Hampshire Constabulary) – inquest following a rescue/recovery operation of a collapsed man in boating lake, particularly addressing issues of primacy between the emergency services.

Re Benjamin Tate (Dec'd) (representing West Mercia Constabulary) – inquest following the death of a Royal Marine whilst receiving specialised motorcycle training at high-speeds.