5 Essex Court

Mark Thomas

Call 2006

Information Law

Mark is a specialist in information law. He routinely acts for clients in cases with complex information law issues. Mark’s advisory work includes reviews of multiple data sharing agreements between public bodies and the structure and implementation of the regime of police certificates which are issued to over 120,000 annually.

Recent and ongoing cases include:

(R) Eichie v Commissioner of Police of the MetropolisDefending a claim for Judicial Review challenging disclosures in an Enhanced Criminal Record Certificate

R (Khashaba) V Chief Constable of Lancashire Police – Claim for Judicial Review where the Claimant sought the removal of an harassment warning notice from the PNC.

R (Chima) v Chief Constable of Lancashire Police - Claim for Judicial Review where Claimant sought removal from the PNC of information relating to multiple arrests.