5 Essex Court

Kate Cornell

Call 2003


Kate Cornell Awards
Kate Cornell Awards
Kate Cornell Awards
Kate Cornell Awards

"Very strong when cross-examining witness; she carries that skill from her days as a criminal barrister." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2022
"Very approachable, pragmatic and practical." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2021
"What I love about working with her is her attention to detail and her ability to summarise the issues succinctly and set out a strategy. She is always enthusiastic and is very easy to work with." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2021
"Really easy to get along with and very approachable, and provides excellent written work. She's very timely when meeting deadlines." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2020
"Provides sharp advice and is very good at getting in touch in advance of hearings." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2019
"She’s bright and extremely helpful." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2018
"She is good on paperwork, has good attention to detail and is approachable." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2017
"She presents pleasantly." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2016
"She’s very bright and has made her way in chambers extremely well." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2016
"She has a very strong grasp of the details of police regulations and is authoritative as a legal adviser." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2015
"She has a good blend of practicality, pragmatism, academic ability and commercial awareness." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2015
"She has a very broad practice and is meticulous and well prepared. She’s also extremely approachable and helpful." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2014
"Gets to grips with the case quickly and can handle a massive amount of information within a short period of time." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2014