5 Essex Court

Fiona Barton QC

Call 1986
Silk 2011


Fiona has extensive experience in regulatory proceedings in various fields including the IPT, police misconduct, Ofgem, Ofcom and Trading Standards investigations. She is well aware of the need for a more nuanced inquisitorial approach to such proceedings.

She has almost unrivalled experience in the police misconduct arena having over 30 years' experience in this field. Her practice encompasses the most high profile cases of recent years including:

[2020] Misconduct proceedings arising from the death of Leon Briggs – Acted for IOPC in multi-handed misconduct proceedings against officers involved in the death in custody of Leon Briggs. Linked Judicial Review (Short & others).

[2018] Misconduct proceedings arising from the death of Kingsley Burrell – Presented, multi-handed misconduct proceedings against officers involved in the restraint of Mr Burrell in a mental health unit.

[2018] ACC Beale – Presenting the fast track misconduct proceedings arising from the conviction of a Chief Officer under the Official Secrets Act for loss of sensitive papers.

[2017] ACC Sutcliffe – Presenting the misconduct proceedings against a Chief Officer arising from her conduct towards a colleague at a professional event.

[2014]-[2016] Operation Kalmia – The misconduct investigation into the activities of a number of Chief Officers in connection with their handling of a criminal prosecution involving a CHIS.

In other regulatory contexts, Fiona has appeared for various organisations in many forums, recent examples include:

[2018] Chatwani v NCA – Representing the NCA in Investigatory Powers Tribunal regulatory proceedings arising from a criminal investigation.

[2018] BES Commercial Energy v Chester West and Chester Trading Standards - Acting for Trading Standards in a high value civil claim arising from regulatory investigations into a commercial energy company involving Ofgem and Ofcom.

[2018] Swinton Lock Investigation – Representing the report authors in connection with the Maxwellisation process and threatened civil claims arising out of the alleged misuse of personal information by a registered charity.

[2017] Miller v Oldham Metroplitan Borough Council – Representing the Council in a civil claim arising from a regulatory investigation into the activities of a fraudulently operated kitchen company.

[2016] Rotherham Taxi Licensing Investigation – Representing the independent investigators in connection with proposed civil claims arising from the report into failures of the licensing process leading to sexual abuse of minors.