5 Essex Court

Charlotte Ventham

Call 2001

Human Rights

Charlotte’s government and police practice routinely engages myriad human rights issues, arising in a variety of operational/policy contexts. Charlotte has a particular interest in cases involving a national security element and those requiring the application of closed material procedures.

Examples of recent cases:

Kamoka & others v Security Service & others: claims for unlawful detention and misfeasance in public office based on the alleged complicity of the British government in detention and torture abroad.

Motasim v (1) Crown Prosecution Service, (2) Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis, (3) Security Service, (4) Secret Intelligence Service: damages claim for alleged breach of Article 5 following the discontinuance of the prosecution of the claimant for terrorist offences (acting for CPS).

Schedule 7, Terrorism Act 2000: general advisory work regarding powers under Schedule 7, and various public/private law claims challenging the exercise of such powers in individual cases.

B v Crown Prosecution Service: claim for damages for breach of the Article 3 investigative duty arising out of a withdrawn rape prosecution.

Plane v (1) Ministry of Justice, (2) Parole Board: damages claim for unlawful detention, breach of Article 5 and discrimination in relation to the claimant prisoner’s parole review.

R (O’Brien) v Ministry of Justice: judicial review claim challenging the lawfulness of the claimant prisoner’s removal to a segregation unit on various human rights grounds.