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Andrew Waters

Call 1987


Andrew Waters Awards
Andrew Waters Awards
Andrew Waters Awards
Andrew Waters Awards
Andrew Waters Awards
Andrew Waters Awards

"Very experienced and always very approachable, knowledgeable and good with the clients." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2022
"An efficient performer with an excellent grasp of detail." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2022
"He is highly persuasive." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2021
"Thorough, approachable and well liked by clients." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2021
"Good at getting to grips with key issues at short notice and is well liked by clients." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2020
"He is tenacious yet balanced; clients like him" (Police Law) Legal 500 2020
"Very popular with clients and witnesses and very easy to work with." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2019
"A go-to junior. Clients and witnesses really get on with him because he is down to earth and clear in communication." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2019
‘Very good with clients and witnesses, he is excellent at getting to the core of the issues.’ (Police Law - Defendant) Legal 500 2019
“He is approachable and well-liked by both clients and witnesses.” (Police Law) Chambers UK 2018
“He is exceptional on all areas of police work.” (Police Law) Chambers UK 2018
“Pre-eminent for police conduct and discipline cases.” (Police Law) Chambers UK 2017
“His laid-back, calm approach instils you with the confidence that you have the right person.” (Police Law) Chambers UK 2017
“He is liked by clients and witnesses alike.” (Police Law) Chambers UK 2017
“An expert in police law.” (Civil liberties and human rights, including actions against the police) The Legal 500 UK 2015
“He identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a case and presents it in a streamlined way that is palatable for the panel.”(Police Law) Chambers UK 2015
“Clients love him and are naturally put at ease by him. He’s very good at talking to people on their level and listening to them, which is incredibly important. He’s a co-operative team player.” (Police Law) Chambers UK 2014