5 Essex Court

Amy Clarke

Call 2010

Professional Discipline & Regulatory

Amy has a wide-ranging practice acting on behalf of the Appropriate Authority in proceedings brought under the Police (Conduct) Regulations and Police Appeals Tribunals Rules. She has been involved in a number of high profile cases throughout her career, including the misconduct proceedings arising from the policing of the student loan protests in 2012 and the murder of Bijan Ibrahimi in 2013. In recent years, Amy has developed a particular specialism in sexual misconduct matters.

Recent cases include:

PS H (Wiltshire Police) – allegations that a male officer had pursued an improper relationship with a junior, female colleague and had engaged in unwanted sexual touching of her.

PC W (North Wales Police) – allegation that a male officer pursued a sexual relationship with a vulnerable victim of crime

PC P (MPS) – allegation that an adverse judicial finding could, in and of itself, amount to a conduct matter

PS M (Staffordshire Police) - allegations abuse of position for sexual gain and dereliction of duty for the purpose of pursuing sexual relationships with junior colleagues, both on and off duty.

PC G (North Wales Police) – allegations of abuse of position for sexual gain by a female officer responsible for the management of the welfare of a vulnerable male, who was the victim of sexual abuse 

Inspector L and PS P (Sussex Police) – allegations of dereliction of duty for the purpose of engaging in a sexual relationship and abuse of position for sexual gain

PC T (West Midlands Police) – allegations of discreditable conduct in relation to conduct towards a vulnerable member of the public, and the posting of degrading images on Snapchat

PC BSD (MPS) – allegations of use of excessive force, resulting is dismissal and protracted proceedings in the PAT which ultimately upheld the original decision to dismiss