5 Essex Court

Alan Payne QC

Call 1996
Silk 2019


Alan Payne QC Awards
Alan Payne QC Awards
Alan Payne QC Awards
Alan Payne QC Awards
Alan Payne QC Awards

"He is fantastic in judicial reviews." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2021
"He is extremely effective and likeable as an opponent. A very strong advocate for his clients, with a lot of experience in the higher courts." (Immigration) Chambers UK 2021
"Alan is really on top of the detail and very well trusted and regarded." (Inquests and Inquiries) Chambers UK 2021
‘An outstanding barrister, whose strengths are his client-friendly approach, his depth of knowledge of the subject area and his grasp of current and future issues.’ Legal 500 2021
"A very able advocate. He is dogged and fierce in his litigation, but is a likeable opponent and the courts have a lot of respect for him." (Immigration) Chambers UK 2020
"He has a good grasp of the feel of a case and really knows his way around immigration law." (Immigration) Chambers UK 2020
"A very impressive silk." (Police Law) Legal 500 2020
"Insightful, concise and 100% accurate in terms of the law and tactical approach. He is really flexible, good on paper and always contactable." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2019
"Very accessible senior junior who is customer-focused and easy to use." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2019
"An excellent legal brain and a very capable advocate." "Gives a lot of attention to detail, and is very approachable and great technically." (Police Law) Chambers UK 2020
‘He represents forces in civil cases and inquests.’ (Police Law - Defendant) Legal 500 2019
“He is skilful and conscientious.” (Immigration) Chambers UK 2018
“He is a very pugnacious opponent, produces quality written work and is always clear in his courtroom presentations.” (Immigration) Chambers UK 2017
“He’s frustratingly good.” (Immigration) Chambers UK 2017
“He is a man of no compromise but is straight as a die. The courts like and respect him.” (Immigration) Chambers UK 2016
“He has significant experience representing public authorities in immigration cases.” (Immigration) Legal 500 2015
“He is reliable, hard-working, and straightforward in his dealings.” (Immigration) Chambers UK 2015
“His Practice is complemented by broad public law expertise” (Immigration) Legal 500 2014
“He’s very bright and is involved in a ton of cases” (Immigration) Chambers UK 2014