5 Essex Court


“all counsel display a true team ethic”

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5 Essex Court welcomes applications for tenancy from talented barristers of at least 5 years’ call. We look for a track-record in building a successful practice in our core specialisms and a commitment to excellent client service.

Applications from barristers under 5 years’ call will be considered but will need to demonstrate exceptional potential and/or experience.

5 Essex Court is recruiting

Chambers seeks to recruit civil practitioners with a proven track-record and the potential to contribute to the growing reputation of Chambers.  We place great emphasis on advocacy skills, overall potential and interpersonal and teamwork qualities. We would therefore consider any candidate, or group of candidates, with the abilities and attributes required.

Why 5 Essex Court?

Located in the heart of Middle Temple, 5 Essex Court is a highly professional, forward-thinking and successful set with high-calibre counsel.  We are ranked in the major legal directories, notably as a top tier set for Police Law and Inquests and Inquiries, and a number of our members are ranked in their respective areas of expertise. A high proportion of our members are appointed on the Attorney General’s Panels.

We place significant emphasis on teamwork and camaraderie, both among members and staff, and believe we provide an environment where everyone works well together and can flourish.  We expect our people to be committed and proactive and contribute to the success of Chambers, but we also recognise the importance of well-being and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Down-to-earth, approachable and reliable, we have established excellent relations with clients, many of whom have instructed chambers for years.  We pride ourselves in providing excellent advocacy, advice and client care.  Combining the benefits of modern technology and business practice with traditional clerking skills and qualities, our strong and well established administrative team ensures a first-class service to members and clients alike.

A number of our members are not based in London – and our clients are located all over England and Wales - so there is no pre-requisite when it comes to location. In fact, it could be a benefit to chambers and our clients having members based locally.

What next?

We take the view that 5 Essex Court offers an environment that enables enhanced success at the Bar, and that the decision to join should be a relatively straight-forward one.  However, we appreciate that the decision to move chambers is not one to be taken lightly. We are keen to assist in the decision-making process and are more than happy to receive informal – confidential – expressions of interest at an early stage.

  • The Application Process

    Initial enquiries about tenancy should be directed to our Senior Clerk, Mark Waller, who will be happy to have an initial informal discussion.

    Formal applications comprising a covering letter and CV, should be made in writing or by email to Mark Waller.  If an application is made in writing, the envelope should be marked ‘Tenancy Application’.

    The application will then circulated to the Tenancy Committee and a decision taken as to whether the application should be considered further.  This initial process should be completed within ten working days.  In the event that the application is rejected, chambers will notify the applicant in writing.

    Where the decision is taken to proceed with the application, the applicant will first meet with the Chambers’ Director for initial discussions.  Thereafter, the applicant will be invited to meet a small number of members of chambers practising in his/her field of expertise.  A discussion will also be arranged with Mark Waller, the Senior Clerk.  If it is judged that the application should be progressed, the applicant will be invited for interview with the Tenancy Committee.

    The Tenancy Committee will make a recommendation to members of chambers about an application.  If the recommendation is a positive one, the applicant will be offered tenancy after ten working days providing no member of chambers requests that the application be considered at an EGM.  In such circumstances, the outcome of the application would be delayed until an EGM can be held.

    The Chambers’ Director will keep in regular contact with the applicant throughout the application process and we would expect to conclude matters within a six week period.

    Chambers adheres to the Bar Standards Board Equality and Diversity Rules.

    All applications and related discussions will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.