5 Essex Court


A mini-pupillage with 5 Essex Court is an excellent opportunity to experience life in Chambers and to gain an insight into our work by shadowing barristers over the course of a week.

Our mini-pupillages are not assessed and nor do we require you to have completed a mini-pupillage in chambers in order to be considered for pupillage. However, it is strongly recommended that if you are thinking of applying for pupillage at 5 Essex Court you undertake a mini-pupillage so that you have an opportunity to see the sort of work we do and for us to meet you. The Pupillage Committee may take into account any feedback received from the barristers regarding mini-pupils when considering applications for pupillage.

We offer mini-pupillages to students in their second year of university or beyond. Places for mini-pupillages are limited and are offered to candidates who demonstrate exceptional potential in their application.

5 Essex Court has a strong ethos of inclusivity and is committed to increasing the diversity of its members of Chambers. To that end, we particularly encourage applications from candidates from diverse ethnic and non-traditional backgrounds. Chambers has a firm policy against any form of discrimination and adheres to the Bar Council’s Equality and Diversity Code.

  • Dates for Mini-Pupillages

    Mini-pupillages are available in the following periods (please note application deadlines):

    Hilary (1 February – 31 March) by 30 November (in preceding year)

    Trinity (1 June – 31 July) by 31 March

    Michaelmas (1 October – 30 November) by 31 July

    We are unable to offer mini-pupillages outside these periods.

    We recognise that undertaking mini-pupillages alongside work, studies, caring and other commitments can be difficult.  We therefore offer mini-pupillages of varying lengths, usually 3-5 days. You are asked to specify the length of mini-pupillage sought within your application.

  • How to Apply

    Applications should be made using the form below and be accompanied by a current CV.  Please note: you must attach your CV (in Word or PDF format) to your application form before submitting it.

    All applications received for any one period will be considered together and results will be sent out shortly after the corresponding deadline has passed.

    Chambers does not generally cover travel or other expenses. Mini-pupils will only attend court in or around London and therefore we do not anticipate that expenditure will be significant (though we do appreciate that such costs will be more significant for those living out of London).

    In exceptional circumstances, particularly where personal hardship would mean that a candidate could not take up an offer of a mini-pupillage, Chambers will consider applications to cover reasonable travel expenses. To make an application, contact the Pupillage Committee explaining your reasons and setting out your anticipated expenses.