The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (The Goddard Inquiry)

The Goddard Inquiry has been set up to consider the extent to which State and non-State institutions have failed in their duty of care to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation.  The Inquiry has launched 13 investigations into a broad range of institutions.

In March 2016 the Inquiry held a number of preliminary hearings. On 9th March 2016 Samantha Leek QC acting on behalf of Leicestershire Police attended the preliminary hearing in respect of the investigation into the response to allegations made against Lord Greville Janner. On 16th March 2016  Fiona Barton QC acting on behalf of Surrey Police attended the  preliminary hearings into allegations of child sexual abuse involving the Anglican Church and Anne Studd QC represented Greater Manchester Police at the hearing concerning allegations of child sexual abuse in Rochdale.

Applications for Core Participant status, submissions on the timetable and broadcast of future proceedings were heard during each hearing.

Preliminary hearings are not broadcast but transcripts may be accessed on the following link