Enquiries and Applications

Initial Enquiries

Initial enquiries about tenancy and third sixes should be directed to Mark Waller, the Senior Clerk, either in writing or by telephone.  All such contacts will be treated in the utmost confidence.

The Application Process

Formal applications comprising a covering letter and CV, should be made in writing to Mark Waller, the Senior Clerk.  The envelope should be marked ‘Tenancy Application’ or ‘Third Six Application’.

The application will then circulated to at least two members of the Tenancy Committee and a decision taken as to whether the application should be considered further.  This initial process should be completed within ten working days.  In the event that the application is rejected,  chambers will notify the applicant in writing.

Where the decision is taken to proceed with the application, the applicant will first meet with the Chambers Manager for initial discussions.  Thereafter, the applicant will be invited to meet a small number of members of Chambers practising in his/her field of expertise.  A discussion will also be arranged with Mark Waller, the Senior Clerk.  If it is judged that the application should be progressed, the applicant will be invited for interview with the Tenancy Committee.  Tenancy interviews usually take place in Chambers on a weekday evening after 6 pm.

The Tenancy Committee will make a recommendation to members of Chambers about an application.  If the recommendation is a positive one, the applicant will be offered tenancy after ten working days providing no member of Chambers requests that the application be considered at an EGM.  In such circumstances, the outcome of the application would be delayed until an EGM can be held.

The Chambers’ Manager will keep in regular contact with the applicant throughout the application process and we would expect to conclude matters within a six week period.

Chambers adheres to the Bar Council’s Equality and Diversity Code.