Pupillage at 5 Essex Court

All pupils are required to complete a six month non-practising period before undertaking work in their own right during the second six month period.  In order to ensure maximum exposure to members of chambers and its range of work, our pupils are allocated three supervisors during pupillage who supervise each pupil for a period of four months.

During the non-practising period pupils will be asked to undertake work by their supervisor and other members of chambers with a view to developing their drafting skills and expanding their knowledge of chambers’ areas of specialism.  They will also be expected to attend court with their supervisor and other members of chambers, with an emphasis on shadowing more junior members towards the end of that period in order to ensure that they have familiarity with the type of work that they are likely to experience as a junior tenant.

During this period pupils will also be required to participate in chambers’ in-house advocacy training programme which is run by the course director of Inner Temple advocacy training. Pupils (and junior tenants) also attend weekly half hour talks on topics of relevance given by a member of chambers.

All our pupils attend a review with the head of the Pupillage Committee at the end of the first six month period.  This provides an opportunity to discuss the pupil’s development and to identify any areas which require improvement and support.  We also value our pupils’ input into their experience and this review provides an opportunity for pupils to provide feedback on our pupillage process and to highlight any concerns that they may have.

During the second six month period our pupils undertake their own paperwork and court work and can expect to undertake some in-house work at one or more of our instructing solicitors (for which pupils are paid) in order to gain an insight into the way solicitors work and to provide exposure to one or more of our practice areas.  The nature of chambers’ work is such that pupils can expect to be in court regularly in the county court and in civil proceedings in the magistrates’ courts.  Although pupils will be supported particularly by their supervisor during this period, chambers prides itself on the support that all members provide to our pupils and our pupils are able to rely on the advice and support of all members during their early days in practice.

Pupils are also free to pursue any pro-bono activities during their pupillage and chambers welcomes and encourages such activities.

During the latter stages of the second six month period our pupils are invited to submit an application for tenancy and to provide examples of their work for consideration by members of chambers.  We aim to inform our pupils of the outcome of tenancy applications usually by mid July.  In the event that a pupil is unsuccessful in gaining tenancy, as much support as possible will be given to find tenancy or a third six pupillage elsewhere.

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