Public / Administrative Law

Chambers’ public law team act for a wide variety of clients in many different aspects of public law. The team has very extensive experience in cases involving:

  • Police forces (including challenges to disclosure decisions, the policing of demonstrations, and operational policy)
  • Government Departments (particularly in the contexts of prisons, the administration of justice, and asylum and immigration)
  • Regulatory Bodies (such as the Independent Police Complaints Commission and professional disciplinary tribunals)
  • Courts and Tribunals
  • Other public bodies (such as the Crown Prosecution Service and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority).

Members of chambers also provide extensive advice to public bodies on the formulation of policy in a manner which is consistent with domestic and international obligations.

Chambers has particular experience in the following areas of public law:

  • Police law (including police discipline, nature and scope of investigation, police employment, force amalgamation, pensions, disclosure, operational    policy)
  • Criminal Law (including terrorism, public interest immunity, compatibility of offences with the ECHR, cautions, decisions to prosecute, and prosecution    policy)
  • Employment (including challenges to employment policy as well as decisions to suspend/dismiss in the public law context)
  • Freedom of Information and Data Protection (including acting in claims before the Tribunals)
  • Human Rights and Civil Liberties (including allegations of abuse by police, prison staff and the armed forces, and applications for declarations of    incompatibility)
  •   Public inquiries (including challenges to terms of reference and the procedures adopted by a public inquiry)

Notable recent cases include:

R (on the application of Abu Hamza) v SSHD [2012] EWHC 2736 (Admin): challenge to extradition

R (on the application of Metropolitan Police Service) v Chairman of the Inquiry into the death of Azelle  Rodney [2012] EWHC 2783 (Admin) Challenge to Inquiry’s decision on procedure for material subject to PII  

R (on the application of Roberts) v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis [2012] EWHC 1977 (Admin): stop and search legislation

R (on the application of EM (Eritrea)) v SSHD [2012] EWCA Civ 1336: third country asylum cases   

R (on the application of Catt) v Association of Chief Police Officers  [2012] EWHC 1471 (Admin): Retention of intelligence about protestors

R (on the application of GC and C v Metropolitan Police [2011] UKSC 21: Retention of DNA samples by the police

R (on the application of JF) v SSHD [2010] UKSC 17: Notification requirements for sex offenders

R (on the application of Purdy) v DPP  [2009] UKHL 45: Prosecution policy for cases of assisted suicide

R (on the application of AF) v SSHD  [2009] UKHL 28: Use of special advocates in control order proceedings

R (on the application of L) v Metropolitan Police  [2009] UKSC 3: Challenge to criminal record certificates

R (on the application of Kay) v Metropolitan Police  [2008] UKHL 69: “Critical mass” cycle rides

R (on the application of Hurst) v Metropolitan Police  [2007] UKHL 13: Application of Art 2 ECHR to historical inquests