Five from 5

‘Five from 5’ is the employment law bulletin created by the employment team at 5 Essex Court and edited by barristers, Dan Hobbs and Clare Harrington.

The aim of the bi-monthly electronic bulletin, published in association with Bloomsbury LawOnline, is to present in ‘headline’ format 5 new or interesting facts arising in the employment law field. To subscribe contact

The editors draw upon the vast pool of experience and knowledge held by the 5 Essex Court employment law team. Members of the team include recognised leaders in the field, those sitting as part-time employment judges and those appointed to the Attorney-General’s panel. The team works broadly across a variety of sectors, including banking and finance, construction, engineering and retail, as well as working for public sector institutions such as the police and the NHS. It also receives a growing number of instructions through the direct public access scheme.

The team hopes that recipients will enjoy reading the bi-monthly bulletin and the editors welcome any comments or recommendations which can be emailed to them at

Issue No. 25 – January 2018

Issue No. 24 – August 2017

Issue No. 23 – June 2017

Issue No. 22 – April 2017

Issue No.21 – February 2017

Issue No.20 – December 2016

Issue No.19 – October 2016

Issue No.18 – August 2016

Issue No. 17 – May 2016

Issue No. 16 – April 2016

Issue No.15 – February 2016

Issue No.14 – November 2015

Issue No.13 – October 2015

Issue No.12 – September 2015

Issue No.11 – August 2015

Issue No.10 – July 2015

Issue No.9 – June 2015

Issue No.8 – May 2015

Issue No.7 – April 2015

Issue No.6 – March 2015

Issue No.5 – February 2015

Issue No.4 – December 2014

Issue No.3 – November 2014

Issue No.2 – October 2014

Issue No.1  – September 2014