Jeremy Johnson QC and Georgina Wolfe appear for the Crown Prosecution Service in the inquest concerning the death of Sabina Akhtar

On 2 November 2012, Her Majesty’s Coroner for Manchester returned a narrative verdict in relation to the death of Sabina Akhtar who was murdered by her husband in 2008.

A CPS Crown Prosecutor had decided not to prosecute Sabina’s husband following his arrest for assault and making threats to kill and had advised the police to take no further action. The CPS had disciplined the Prosecutor for not advising the police to undertake further enquiries. The Coroner concluded that the Prosecutor should have advised the police to undertake further enquiries and that the Prosecutor had not taken the decision in accordance with his training, the CPS domestic violence policy, nor an electronic ‘Domestic Violence Prompt’ which had been introduced by the CPS to assist prosecutors with domestic violence cases. However, the Coroner did not conclude this was a probable cause of the death and found that even if the suspect had been charged it was probable that he would have been released on bail.

The Coroner found that Sabina Akhtar had been unlawfully killed.

Jeremy Johnson QC has extensive experience and expertise in representing public bodies in civil and public law cases as well as inquests. He is described in Chambers and Partners 2013 as ‘phenomenal’.

Georgina Wolfe specialises in inquests and has represented the police, prisons, social services and families. She is described in Chambers and Partners 2013 as an ‘up-and-comer’ who is ‘very bright and able’.