IPCC report into death of Jordan Begley quashed

The High Court has, on the application of the Chief Executive of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, quashed the IPCC’s report into the death of Jordan Begley. He had died after the use of a Taser and subsequent restraint. The IPCC report found that no officer had a case to answer in misconduct or gross misconduct. Following a subsequent inquest the IPCC reviewed its report and considered that it failed to comply with the statutory requirements both in the test applied for a case to answer and in respect of its summary of the evidence. The Chief Executive therefore brought judicial review proceedings against the IPCC itself to quash the report and enable a fresh investigation to take place. The claim was opposed by the police officers involved. The Divisional Court (Elias LJ and Males J) allowed the claim and granted the relief sought. Jeremy Johnson QC acted for both the Claimant (the Chief Executive) and for the Defendant (the IPCC).


The judgment can be found here.