Fiona Barton QC acts in the Inquest into the death of Jacintha Saldanha

Fiona Barton appeared on behalf of the King Edward VII Hospital in the recent inquest into the death of Jacintha Saldanha. Mrs Saldanha was a night sister at the hospital when the Duchess of Cambridge was being treated for morning sickness. Mrs Saldanha answered a hoax telephone call from an Australian radio station, which eventually resulted in confidential details of the Duchess’ treatment being revealed to the press. Two days later, Mrs Saldanha took her own life.

HM Coroner for Inner London West entered a conclusion of suicide, recording that the hoax telephone call was clearly pressing on Mrs Saldanha’s mind along with the difficulties she had been experiencing with a colleague. HM Coroner accepted that the support offered by the King Edward VII Hospital had been reasonable and appropriate and that Mrs Saldanha’s suicide was not reasonably foreseeable.

Giving evidence on behalf of the Hospital, former Chief Executive John Lofthouse had confirmed that Mrs Saldanha would not have faced  disciplinary action and that the nurses involved in the hoax were considered to be victims of the situation.

 Fiona Barton QC was recommended in Chambers UK 2014, which comments“ She has unrivalled experience, is very thorough and is extremely supportive…She is trusted with very sensitive cases and provides no-nonsense advice. Her understanding of the law in this area is phenomenal…She is practically minded and appreciates commercial realities. Robust in her advice, she doesn’t get cold feet.”  (Police Law)