Clare Harrington acts as presenting officer in the case of five officers dismissed for gross misconduct and one officer given a final written warning following the covert taking and sharing of photographs

Clare Harrington represented the Appropriate Authority in a misconduct hearing involving 6 police officers last week.  The allegations of misconduct related to the covert taking of photographs by the officers both of female members of the public and female colleagues and the posting of those photographs with inappropriate and offensive comments, whilst on duty, to a wider group of officers via Whatsapp.

Each of the officers denied that their conduct breached the relevant standards of behaviour.

Following the hearing, five of the officers were dismissed without notice for discreditable conduct, with the sixth officer receiving a final written warning.  In respect of one of the relevant incidents relied upon by the Appropriate Authority, the Panel found that the conduct of three of the officers in taking photographs and commenting upon a female colleague amounted to predatory behaviour.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Fiona Taylor, from the force’s directorate of Professionalism, commented on the case: “This was disgraceful behaviour from a small group of officers and it is only right and just that they have been dismissed from the Met.

“We expect the very highest standards of behaviour from our officers and when they fall short of those standards they can expect to be held to account.”